Grid Modernization Technologies

Grid Technologies

America's safety, security, and overall vitality depend on the uninterrupted delivery of electricity to homes, businesses and public spaces. The nation's power grid, one of our greatest strengths, is also uniquely vulnerable to attack as people and machines become increasingly connected to the public internet. As the US Department of Energy’s largest open science and energy laboratory, ORNL researchers are working with DOE and industry to develop new grid modernization technologies that will help build a resilient, modern grid of the future — one of the most critical infrastructure challenges of the 21st century.

ORNL scientists are concentrating their expertise in power electronics and systems, electrochemical engineering, quantum information sciences, and cybersecurity technologies to help address the following needs:

ORNL with unique instruments and facilities, including the world’s fastest supercomputer as well as the Large-Scale System Testbed is to represent large grids of the future. The ORNL scientists our working towards:

Many of these researchers' innovations are available for licensing, and opportunities exist for collaborative research and development.